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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017


Yesterday I had a lovely time writing morning pages with Journal Clubbers. It was so cozy with the snow outside and a blanket, chair and good company inside. It ended up being a very productive day though I am having a hard time finding my way to ease back in as opposed to overdoing it. Getting a good night's sleep will hopefully help.


More reading goodness today! I finished off the kid's illustrated Beowulf (I had no idea there was more than just the Beowulf and Grendel bits), it was a lot of fun to read! So far I've read two books (one kids, one novella), made a replacement pick for the one I let go of, and than realized I need another replacement pick unless I want to read two Christmas set romance novella's. Haven't decided on that yet, but for now... on to The Chrysalids. Oh man, I hope that's not Christmasy!


Drawing class today and we had a fun day of making silly surprise portraits and yes, I drew that cupcake Kawaii head! We also did some serious portrait work too and I continue to shock myself at my ability to draw people and do it quickly. Quite the juxtaposition to this drawing, LOL. Oh and everyone loved the lady fingers!!! Big hit. Made me very happy.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Look at all this lovely creativity! Shannon, yesterday must have been just right for reading - and hot chocolate! It sounds like you've got quite a wonderful pile of books! I've enjoyed seeing them and also your bookmarks.

Suzie, that is so cute! I smiled right away when I saw it. How exciting that you're discovering drawing that you feel great about. Yay!! And yay to everyone loving your lady fingers too :)

Suzie Ridler said...

That setup looks cozy to me Jamie! BTW, is that how you setup your lighting for it? Took me a while to realize the umbrella light should face the other way so you are getting indirect bounced lighting. OMG, sorry, didn't sleep last night, can you tell?

Shannon, is that Rolo hot chocolate?! OMG! And wow, Christmas romance novellas are a thing?

Thanks Jamie! I thought that little guy's head was cute. And yes, so great to make people's day with cookies. Too bad half the class didn't show up though. Totally forgot about March break.

Shannon said...

Oh! It's so cool to see behind the scenes Jamie! It was really cool to do the Morning Pages with Journal Club, even though I did it after the fact I could still feel the collective energy. It does look rather cozy there :) I hope that easing in becomes the way of things, it's challenging when overdoing it can slip in without even noticing. Here's to easing in, and easing out!

I totally knew it was you that did the head Suzie! It looks awesome. I'm thrilled to hear that you are enjoying to portraits, and doing them quickly - that's amazing! And woohoo to everyone liking the ladyfingers, I knew they would be a hit!

Christmas novellas really are a thing. I've never been into them, but a lot of authors have little Christmas specials, I think it's usually a sweet and quick way to see what the characters are up to. And yep... Rolo hot chocolate! I also have Coffee Crisp and After Eight :)

Thank you Jamie! I should remember to show the bookmark too... although... how to not loose my place. I will have to come up with something!

Suzie Ridler said...

I remember trying to read a True Blood one when I was going to try out Felicia Day's book club, thinking it was such a novelty and super niche. Woah! Where did you get all those hot chocolate goodies?!