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Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017


Saturday started off as a pretty great day. I did my waffle post, got out to a bakery to try a pie that they have in a city contest and then I came home to find out my site had been hacked. In my attempts to delete the corrupt files, it has now completely disappeared. I can't even get into WordPress at all. My friend is going to work on it but it is not looking good. I went out tonight to listen to some music at a cafe in New West because I knew I would just obsess about it all night. So now I am home.... obsessing about the future of Suzie the Foodie.

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Shannon said...

That's a gorgeous picture Suzie! I am so sorry to hear that your site go hacked, and good for you on finding a way to not obsess about it. I'm so glad your friend was able to help you out.