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Friday, March 3, 2017

March 3, 2017


I didn't take many pictures yesterday, but I managed to snag this one during physio of all times.. Stretches for the win!


Reg and I went to play squash together! It was a dark and rainy day but we both wanted to get a workout in and so we went to a court. I couldn't believe when I realized it had been over 15 years since we last played! I love squash. It's intense but you can rest when you need to. It keeps your mind engaged 100% and uses short blasts of energy. Everything I loved about volleyball but with a racket. It was awesome.


Shannon said...

Wow, that's awesome you guys went out to play squash. It freaks me out when I realize it's been that many years since I've done something too, hehe. I'm glad that it's a really great activity for you! Way to go!

Suzie Ridler said...

You are doing awesome Shannon, yay for doing all that physio!

It's so weird when that happens, isn't it? Like how can it be THAT many years?!