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Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 31, 2014


I walked through U of T yesterday. It's amazing to see the things that change - like the UC back campus being turned into a venue for the Pan Am games - and the things that remain the same - like the food trucks on St. George! I've eaten more than a little fried rice from those!


I finished my first Sherlock Holmes book! The odd thing is, it's a public domain copy and there was no illustration or photo for the cover, which puts my book-tracking-by-photos in a bit of a pickle. I looked on GoodReads for some covers but none super spoke to me. So I might just go with this image for my tracking. So odd!


Friday was all about getting the house ready for showings! Oh I was so happy when the real estate agent called twice. :) I have even started looking at apartments in BC, just in case. You never know! I just hope the Universe says yes, it is time to go home.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

The house looks awesome! And the write-up makes it super family friendly and inviting. I hope the showings go GREAT today!

Shannon said...

St George food trucks! Amazing so see the different 'hoods over time, and the changes (or not). Wild the Pan Am games will have a venue there. I wonder what that will be like here in Toronto.

I hope the Universe says yes to you going home to the west Suzie! I say Yes to it. YES! Here is to selling the house and getting out there. The online listing is amazing :)

Late add for me!

Suzie Ridler said...

Looks like you're getting out a lot Jamie! I love that Toronto is very good at changing and also staying the same. That seems balanced to me.

And thank you! I love this photo of the house for that reason, I feel are house does look warm and inviting.

Thank you Shannon! We agree, they really did a good job with the listing, this rocks.

If you're looking for a good generic photo you could use for the Sherlock Stories… This is the cover of the collection we own:

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