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Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2, 2014
Yesterday was our dating anniversary! I still can't believe that we've been together so long. We are going to Quebec City in a while to celebrate so it was a bit of a low-key day withe the incredible exception of receiving our song! The beautiful, talented Alma Sipila has an extraordinary gift and an extraordinary offering - creating your personalized love song! She interviewed Justin and I and then set about telling our story through her gifts. Yesterday, we received the first draft of the song and I was in tears from the moment it began. She is really telling our unique story. The song even has Bascha in it! When we get the final version, I'll be sure to share. The pic is her badge. What she's doing is magical.


I'm having a very TV-centric week! The biggie this time was the Season 2 finale of Vikings, and I'm so sad that the season is already over. It was a good finale, and I will miss it until it comes back again next year. 10 eps is so too few. Ah, well.


Another batch of donations off to the thrift store. I gave up on some of my cake-making supplies. Cake domes take up a ton of space and I really hate making layered cakes so bye bye! It wasn't easy though. There is a part of me that wants me to like doing that sort of thing and the supplies are expensive. But I realized, I don't want to make them. It's nice not to feel pressured to do it anymore.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I was trying to figure out what that picture was, Shannon! I wondered if it was one of the fishing shows, lol. I like how you managed to get the axe in there! It's great you like that show so much. It's visually stunning; that's for sure!

I can see the challenge there, Suzie! It sounds like ultimately it's freeing to let go of things that are making you feel pressured! I hope after the letting go there is a sense of freedom. ((hugs))

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, what a beautiful gift to receive, a personalized love song! And Bascha was in it too? That is stunning Jamie and can't wait to hear it. :) And happy dating anniversary and hope you have a great time when you go to Old Quebec.

Shannon, we just started watching Season 2 of Vikings (that photo is from the show?).

Shannon said...

What an absolutely amazing experience to have a song created for your anniversary and your relationship! That is truly amazing Jamie! And so awesome to have a trip in the works to celebrate your anniversary, what a delight!

Wow Suzie, that is tons more stuff for the Thrift Store! And oh my... cake trays. I think every time I've moved it's always been one heck of a challenge finding a box for the cake tray I have. And so rarely does it get used. Sigh. I hear ya. I'm glad it feels lighter, which is a good thing!

Hehe Jamie - I can see how that might feel like a fishing show! And oh my ,... who would have thought I'd have fishing show(s) - plural! lol

Yep Suzie, that's Vikings. I wasn't sure if you were watching this year. I hope you enjoy it.