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Friday, May 30, 2014

May 30, 2014


I was up in one of my old neighbourhood's yesterday and snapped a picture of where I used to live. I actually don't think I have a single picture of the outside of this place! Clearly, that was back in the days before digital cameras. Both of the apartments that I lived in here were beautiful and I really came to love living in the neighbourhood. It's nice to get back there now and again.


I feel like I'm a good rhythm of going out to journal and write regularly. One indicator, was the folks at the coffee shop enthusiastically saying hi, and remembering what I order! Wow!


The big news of course was our house went up for sale but I was also very happy to purchase an expandable hose, LOL. It's not this particular one but similar. Much lighter and easier to move around with. With all the lawn care we are doing, I am hoping this is going to help my hands and shoulders have less pain. We paid for most of it in Canadian Tire money (all gone!) and change so it felt like a deal, LOL. Yup, I am D-O-N-E with home ownership. But at least now life will be easier until we get back west!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

That's so awesome that you're finding a rhythm for coffee shop journalling, Shannon (Um, I think I just came up with a class name there! Hmm....) And wow, that totally looks like my mug!

That's such a cool hose, Suzie. I've wondered about how they work. I'll be interested to here your take. And yay to feeling complete and ready to move on. I know it's a big emotional roller coaster and tons and tons of work. Here's to it all paying off!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, it's so nice to see that home again and I am glad you got photos of it! So important.

Shannon, that's the coolest they remembered your order. :) I am glad you're getting out for some journaling time, so important.

We have a Canadian Tire knock off and so far it works great! Oh and BTW, we have TWO home viewings tomorrow!!! Guess I'll be hanging out in cafes a lot now too.

Shannon said...

Wow, that house is like WAY BIGGER than I remember, isn't that odd? So cool you dropped by it in the old neighbourhood, and yes - pre-digital camera days. I feel like I have a very different memory of things and times were there are less pictures.

Way to go on getting the house up for sale Suzie! I know it's been a long road and a lot of work but I'm so proud you got it done! And , wow, those hoses are so wild Suzie! I hope the one you got is working well and is able to make the lawn care not so taxing. I hope the viewings go well!

I love the idea of a class called coffee shop journalling Jamie! And yep, I think I've found my rhythm and it make all the difference. And YES I thought it looked like your Mug too!

I was totally impressed they remembered my order Suzie! The only thing is now, I might hesitate to change it, hehe.

Suzie Ridler said...

Aw… Thank you Shannon! :) Yes, the hose is making such a huge difference in a good way. My poor hands and shoulders are grateful.

I would totally go to that class!

Oh that's true, now changing-it-up might be weird, LOL.