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Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012


Another great day co-working.
Not only do I get to visit with my dear friend Tanya, I also get to hang out with her cats!


After what feels like forever I finally get out to see some new movies - both ones with women kicking butt: Underworld Awakening & Haywire.


Did a recipe test for Martha's blueberry tartlets. It took me almost all day to make them and I was so busy yesterday that I did not even get a chance to eat one! But at least I have groceries again, woot!

What is photographed above are the tarts made with ground almonds that have been baked in the oven with brown rice used as pie weights. After taking them out of the oven I realized instead of awkwardly putting in random pieces of parchment paper I could have used cupcake liners. Live and learn!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Lol, I must be tired because I got confused by each picture.

First, I was like, "Hey - two tickets - I wonder who Shannon went to the movies with!" Hehe and then I realize the Movie Moxie can make it a double feature - woot!

Then, I kept looking at Suzie's photo and thinking, "What's Suzie doing with Rice Krispies?" Can't wait to hear how they tasted, Suzie. Um, not Rice Krispies but the tartlets :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Her cats are so beautiful Jamie! What an awesome idea to work together but independently, that rocks and have kitty company? What could be better.

I hear you on being tired Jamie. Well maybe that means our photos were a bit cryptic and deep? I did choose a surreal baking image so don't feel bad. I think I need to start using beans, I think they would be easier pie weights.

Oh man, now I want Rice Krispies!