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Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5, 2015


Not a great picture (in fact, a bit creepy) but this was me at choir last night. We sang Dreams by Fleetwood Mac! It was a very moving experience for me, especially because Shannon and I had spent some of the afternoon on Mom's tax stuff and I was really feeling the "what you had... and what you lost..." message in a new way. Still, it was beautiful and good for my heart.


THE BIG REVEAL! I finally got to vlogging yesterday after a month of almost not doing any vlogs. I'm switching up how I do things, and I hope it ends up being way better than well...not vlogging. I'm going low-pressure and maybe messier but it's what I can do. And I got a whole bunch of vlogs done yesterday (yay!) including this unboxing.


There are so many cookbooks I want to buy but I'm trying not to save money so I ordered them through the library instead so I can check them out first. Also, my crafts room appears to be turning into my kitchen office too which freaked me out at first but with it being right off the kitchen, I kind of love it now. It's much easier b


Shannon said...

Wow Jamie, what a powerful experience at choir. I so wish I could have gone! It was definitely an emotional day, what a great way to connect with a song that has been with you so long.

That is quite an awesome stack of cookbooks Suzie, I think checking them out via the library is a great way to go before buying. I hope you find some good ones!

Suzie Ridler said...

I can absolutely see that happening Jamie, especially after we all saw Stevie together like that and to then hear that song. And sing that song, altogether. Very powerful. I hope it was good too.

Shannon, I am thrilled you found a way to keep vlogging and it is a bummer that it might be messier but I am celebrating you finding a way to get back to it. :)

I discovered that the Mexican one is crap! I have the Chinese cooking "Everything" book and it's fantastic. What a shame about the Mexican one. Yes, getting them from the library first ended up being a very wise idea.

Shannon said...

SOunds like it's really good you checked out the cookbooks first, definitely a bummer buying a reference book that sucks.

And I see you got Downton Abbey! I'm still behind on that but I'm amazing you can get that from the library. The wait list here would be extraodinary.