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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 17, 2015


One of the assignments in The Conscious Booksmith course that I'm taking is to create a vision board for your book.I am so glad that I settled in and took some time to do this. I learned a lot about what it wants to be, why it matters, who it's for and what I need in order to bring it to life. This thing's getting real!


I have been getting worried that I wouldn't make it through my March Book to Film Challenge choice (Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy), given I was about 5% though by GoodReads calculation and it's halfway through the month. I realized to read it before the end of the month, I could either give it up or choose not to read it as intensely as I was with taking notes, pulling new words, quotes etc. I choose to let the notes go and just read it. Of course, I always like to provide some achievement-driven incentive so I made this ticker-tape like thermometer counter for the chapters I've read. The moment I finished it I realized that's not a good idea for when you are on Chapter 4 and there are 56 chapters. It was cool to learn the Roman Numerals for 40-56, but man, I might have shot myself in the foot on this one.


I cleared my week of all obligations, including my talk with my sleep doctor. It is time to put things like my donut t-shirt first! Well it was a symbolic gesture. I really haven't been able to focus on fun stuff and even though I feel crappy, I still managed to find time to work with puff paint and make some videos including this unboxing of a Random House cookbook. I may feel like crap but at least I can try and have some fun.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, Shannon, that ticker-tape counter seems rather intimidating! Yay you for continuing to shift and discover what works for you. It's going to feel awesome to check all of that off!

The shirt looks awesome, Suzie!! It sounds like a super-great idea to just clear the decks and take care of yourself in a way that will nourish you! I hope that the donut shirt and everything else helps you feel better soon!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, what a wonderful vision board for your book! It sounds like it is really working for you and stirring up ideas and making it much more real which is wonderful. :)

I am glad that you created your own kind of incentive Shannon but that must feel like quite the mountain to climb. You can do it!!!

Thanks Jamie, I'm pretty happy with the shirt. It was nice to put something I wanted as a priority and claim it and let everything else go for a week. :) I really needed it.

Shannon said...

It sounds like you book is really, truly, coming to life before your eyes Jamie! I think it's so cool you did a dreamboard for it and wild how much you learned about it. So exciting!!

Way to go on clearing the decks of commitments and doing fun stuff you want to do. I think all of us need to do that from time to time. And YAY for unboxing video!