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Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 12, 2015


It was lovely to go to choir with the weather a little kinder! It was a great night of singing a fantastic arrangement of Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds. Of course we finished with the Breakfast Club fist in the air! A great way to end an evening!


I did another go at the new style of eyeliner on the water line and I'm really liking it. I wonder if I can find an easier way to do it, but so far I'm loving the effect. This could totally be my new look. And I might finally be able to wear eyeshadow that's seen even at the times I'm not blinking!


We are back to our dark, moody and rainy weather here in Vancouver. Which for Reg suffering brutally with allergies, is a huge relief. I did not let the rain get in the way of my walk and went to the library. I actually got a lot done today including at least four loads of laundry. Today was a good day.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, I just love this look for you! Great picture too!

Daffodils!!! Oh, beautiful. I am so feeling spring right now. I planted some white ones and hope they'll be blooming this year.

I'm sorry to hear that Reg is having such a hard time. I'm so glad you got out, saw these beauties and made it to the library too!

Here's to good days!

Suzie Ridler said...

Seriously, could Choir Choir be cooler? And they're re-releasing Breakfast Club which makes it even more exciting. Love it!

It's true Shannon, this look for you is stunning!!!

Oh white daffodils are gorgeous Jamie. Can't wait to see photos when they arrive.

Yes, here is to good days!!!

Shannon said...

Sounds like an amazing night out at choir Jamie! What an awesome song choice, and loved that it was intereactive too...woohoo!

Wow, sounds like a busy day Suzie! Library and laundry...and pictures of lovely flowers to boot, how wonderful!

Thank you both for the compliments on the makeup, I think this is my new look and I'm so excited about it.