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Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015


What a brilliant surprise yesterday to receive this glorious bouquet of flowers from my interns, Juli, Ginny & Kim!! I just sat on the stairs for a while with a soft and tender heart feeling so moved and loved and connected. Their card included a note to "Now, go write!" and somehow that was the last bit of magic to fall into place. I am committed. Now is the time. I am writing a book.


Tough day. Got through a bunch of phone calls that had piled up (why do they take so much energy?). Anyhow, got most of the answers I need including that it's not good to let them pile up. Things take time, so starting the process as soon as you can is always the best way to go.


I finally made dumplings! Took me two days to get everything together but nothing cheers me up more than dumplings. Time to take a foodie break though. Gotta focus my energy on healing.


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, you have the most fabulous interns! I am so glad you have beautiful people in your life inspiring and supporting you and yes, get writing! :)

Shannon, phone calls are the worst! I think paperwork is the only thing I hate more. Good for you for getting through it.

Shannon said...

Those flowers are so lovely Jamie! I think it is absolutely amazing that your interns sent them and show their love and support. So sweet of them! And YAY to being committed. It feel like it's really time, and that is a wonderful thing.

I'm so glad you got to have your dumplings Suzie! 2 days to make, wowza! Looks like they were totally worth it :)