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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18, 2015


Yesterday was dedicated to my poetry workshop. I've got almost everything together except the videos, which I intend to film today. I have absolutely loved getting back in touch with poetry - and helping other people get back to it too! What a blessing!


It always feels weird to be back up in the old neighbourhood, especially with how much it's changed. It was nice that the weather was okay out there, but I was suprized to see the pine-y scented bushes were cut wayyyyyyyyyy back. I don't know if they grow a lot every year, or I usually seem them under show in March, but it was crazy to see them so short (they are a little ahead and to the left).


I was actually warm when I went out for a short walk yesterday. Reg didn't even wear a jacket. I did and was over-heating. I love it! Still sick but had to pick up some supplies. Did a lot of resting and even some paperwork which I have been avoiding forever. I ended up saying no to a potentially big project idea and know it was the right choice. I have no energy to give away, especially for free. Feeling much better about my choice now and hopefully I'll also feel physically better soon.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I know that walk right away, Shannon! Though that big dark building still feels new. Interesting about the trees - and about noticing when you are usually up there.

That's awesome, Suzie! What a relief to be in that kind of weather. I always admire you're ability to make decisions and get focused. You are a rock star. Take great care of you!

Btw, it's actually nice enough today I have the window open in the studio! Amazing considering there's still snow!

Shannon said...

How delightful to be diving back into poetry Jamie! I love the page you created, and the awesomeness that both your Bear picture and glitter bombed moose are deliciously pink!!

YAY for feeling good about choices Suzie. I totally understand how it can be hard to say no to stuff, but sometimes that is the way it's gotta be. And yay for warm weather! I only wore a vest yesterday and well...I was pretty chilly, lol.

Yeah, that dark building does seem like quite the stand out oddity of the skyline. The houses to the left still feel like they are 'new' to me because I remember the construction of them going in. So wild how things change.

Suzie Ridler said...

I think getting back to poetry is fantastic Jamie! And I LOVE the poem you shared on your site.

Wow, I don't recognize it at all! The old hood has changed so much.

Thanks for the support. It's been totally necessary to cut back on everything. I just wish I could see the benefits right now. My health continues to be a challenge. I got "Badger" for my nature medicine card. Appears I need to be even more ruthless with my health which is hard to imagine!