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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 26, 2014


My new phone arrived! It might be the first day I can remember where I was like "Screw my to do list! I'm gonna play instead!". It's so exciting to have a phone that apps actually work. Although I am worried once I start watching Netflix this way, no one will see me for days.

Watch out west coast. We are packed and loaded!


Yesterday was load day. It started off late but then everything came together in the end. Oh those poor guys, what a hot day and a ton of work! Of course Reg had to help every now and then. I of course snuck photographs.

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Shannon said...

I always tend to move on hot days too, Suzie. It's such a challenge, but I'm thrilled to hear it went smoothly. Reg looks like such a superhero there, holding the couch up with zero strain. I'm impressed! And now you get to meet your stuff on the other side of the country! Wow!