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Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

This weekend was the first ever Open Street Toronto. They closed a whole strip of Bloor and Yonge to cars so that people could roam freely and enjoy this part of the city. We found out about it from our guitar teacher and had an amazing time listening to him play. I'm so glad I can share this moment with you.


I had a lot of fun art-day-ing with Jamie on Sunday! I chose to draw my plant, Happy, and that by the end had some leaf drawings I was really happy about. Har har. A groaner, I know!


Since we got back I have been busy with setting up new accounts out west for cable, internet… We also went through our gazillionth purge and there is more to go. Even though we have a great apartment, it will not accommodate everything we have and there is zero storage space so out the door it goes! Bye bye fuggly sweaters and turtlenecks! I really wish I had the chance to photograph our new place but the tenants were there at the time so we're going by memory and I feel like there is tons more to be given away.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow! Suzie, I'm so impressed with how you guys have been getting things done. Yay to not needing to brace against the cold this winter. How wonderful! Or pay exorbitant oil bills. Yay!! I think you are lightening the load in many ways and it's going to feel so good!

Suzie Ridler said...

That's your guitar teacher Jamie? He's amazing! And I've never heard of Open Street before, I am so glad you went, how surreal it was open to pedestrians.

Thanks! We've been working tirelessly since we got home to let go of stuff, prep for the move and the next big step of our lives. Oh to be free of those crazy heating bills alone! Yup, we're feeling great. Even let go of our old futon today and space heaters… It's all good now.

Shannon said...

Oh! It was so cool to see Raffi's performance. It was awesome, what a treat! Thank you so much for sharing that Jamie. It sounds like it was a pretty cool event. There is always something happening in this city in the summer :)

I see the purge continues Suzie! Wow, I am impressed with how much you have given away and pared down. I hope your memory serves well for what the new place is like and you have the pictures too from the rental info so I hope that helps! I'm glad those space heaters from a new home, at the price you were selling them for they were such a great deal!

Another late add from me :)

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Raffi's great, isn't he? I so loved listening to his performance and am glad to have caught it on video so that I could share it with you too!

Open Streets is brand new in Toronto. The response has been pretty mixed but we had a good time.

I know that feeling with the apartment, Suzie. I remember with my very first apartment, we signed the lease and it was days later that we called each other and said, "There weren't any cupboards in the kitchen, were there?" And there weren't! But they were installed by the time we moved in. Phew!

It's going to be great to see more photos when you move in, Suzie. :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon, I totally love the leaves! They're gorgeous, well done and I'm so glad you're still art-daying it together.

I hope my memory is right too Shannon and that we're going to fit!

I thought Open Streets sounded new, I loved the idea!

Oh man, no kitchen cupboards???!!! I'm glad they ended up being installed. I'm just worried the bed is going to end of up in the living room, LOL. Or the kitchen!