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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014


Recently a friend asked me to participate in a mandala event and I was a little shy about saying I'd actually never tried making mandalas before. In fact, I wasn't sure where to start! She gave me some tips and I've been experimenting and having lots of fun. I think these just might become a regular part of my creative life! Who knew?


I was definitely feeling under the weather today, and as such it was time to watch a bad movie. Selection was: Sharknado 2: The Second One, which aired to cap of their annual Shark Week.


Monday was all about trying to sell stuff in our house and/or find homes for things we can't take with us. It was a big success although there are a few things we still have. It was a lot of fun to do and man, I do like selling stuff. I know it sounds weird but I find it a ton of fun.


Shannon said...

Those mandala's look awesome Jamie! I think it's totally brave of you to dive in and say yes and participate. They look very engaging and feel like it would be very absorbing to do (look out for Landru!).

I think you did an awesome job selling stuff Suzie! It felt like so quickly were things up, and then already sold. Way to go!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

LOL, Shannon, that totally cracks me up. Sharknado seems like the perfect pace for... um.. healing? :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, Suzie, I'm glad that you've been enjoying the sales spectacular!! It's been really exciting to see all the energy. You're totally rocking it. Yay to be awesome at sales! You're doing both Grandma and Grandad proud!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks so much about the mandalas Shannon. I have been having a really good time doing them. It's been an interesting journey and I'm looking forward to posting about it.

Suzie Ridler said...

Mandala-making sounds perfect for you Jamie and yours are gorgeous! Good for you for saying yes and going for it, so brave.

Thanks Shannon! Some people changed their minds about items but we might have found a home for almost everything. Not making a lot of money (ended up giving stuff for free) but the space is worth it.

Did you like the second Sharknado Shannon and OMG, where did you get that brochure? That's awesome!

Thanks Jamie and it's true, entrepreneurship runs in our family, doesn't it? Reg is having a hard time, feeling like it's all wasted but when we can actually fit into our apartment, I think he'll be glad.

Shannon said...

The second Sharknado was...well... let's say the right pace for feeling under the weather. It's technically better than the first one, but I think that makes it worse. I liked the first one better. And that's a still from the film! Yeah, movie.