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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aug 21, 2014


I tried a little experiment. If I put out all the supplies ahead of time, would I be able to paint an art journal background in the time it took to make a cup of tea? It was fun to do and my answer is mostly yes! This is totally possible if you don't care about paint mushing together because it's not dry. I ended up really liking the page but I think generally a slightly more relaxed pace would be more fun. One tea - gesso the pages. Next tea - add one or two colours. Next tea - add the next.


Did a lot of organization today, even though Monday is really my day for that but I was feeling under the weather then so it was time to get to it today. There is a lot to plan and work on though, so it was a bit overwhelming. But I got my lists up to date. Yay for that.

Product Review: Lay's Do Us A Flavour Tzatziki Potato Chips


Yesterday I had a chance to do a quick photoshoot of the Do Us A Flavour chip contenders. Food blogging on top of all the craziness of the move has been next to impossible but I am doing my best!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Suzie, that photography's totally working because now I want some chips! I suddenly also realize how much I associate that font with you now too - good branding!

Shannon, I'm sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather and overwhelmed. I hope the tea and some quiet time with your plans and to-dos helped lighten the load.

Shannon said...

What an awesome experiment Jamie! I love how you figured out that the answer to your 'can I do it in tea-making time' was both yes, and you also know a way you'd already like it even better. Woohoo!

I can't believe you've found time to blog during the move, Suzie! That's extraordinary! The chips look really good, I might have to try those ones.