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Friday, August 15, 2014

August 15, 2014


I've been feeling pretty proud of myself lately for getting back to running. The cooler weather absolutely helps. Now that I'm carrying my phone with me when I go, I'm loving catching more shots cat s in the hood (when I'm warming up or cooling down, of course!) I've seen this beauty three times - each time on a different porch, hehe.


Finished watching yet another series, this time it was Human Target. I had watched a few eps of this when it originally aired and I remember one holiday-ish one grabbing me, so I kept waiting for that one to appear and it never quite did. I think in my brain I had smished it together with an episode of Bones. Odd. Anyhow, quite enjoyed the series although liked S1 way better than S2. Ah, well!


Suzie Ridler said...

She's a beauty! And I love that she keeps popping up everywhere during your runs. Yes, cooler weather definitely helps with being active outside, yay Jamie!

Shannon said...

I love that this cat keeps on cropping up in different spots. The garden gnome of the neighbourhood cats!

Quite a late add from me.

Suzie Ridler said...

We LOVED that show! When I saw the episode on the train, that fight scene had me hooked but I agree, second season was not as good. What a shame.

Shannon said...

I thought you might have watched Human Target Suzie. It was set in San Fran but I'm sure it was a Vancouver show. Pretty much every week the client was played by a Canadian actor, so got to see lots of awesome guest roles and the action was pretty good too!