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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014


Yesterday saw the end date of a wide array of demanding tasks for Justin and I so we headed out for dinner at Grapefruit Moon. It was just the right weather for the patio (which we almost never do) and dinner was great. Afterwards we went for a long walk and even went by each of our old apartments that are in this neighbourhood. It was amazing to reminisce, to see how little had changed and to celebrate how long we've been happily together.


I know it's probably asking for trouble, but I bought a plant. Let's hope this happy ivy survives! I think I'll call it Ivy :)


Reg and I went for our first kayaking class. It was awesome. I felt so free on the water. Then, my kayak tipped and I fell into the Atlantic Ocean. That was always my big fear with kayaking and I survived. Here I am after the class is over, triumphant. But, to be honest, it also really screwed up my confidence about kayaking. Still, another life fear? Done. Reg was a natural of course. It was beautiful to see him on the water so happy.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, look at all this bravery going on!

WTG in getting a plant, Shannon. Ivy is beautiful! I bet she's going to do great.

And wow, Suzie, you faced your big fear! Kayaking sounds like a beautiful adventure for both of you. I hope you do more of it. The photo is beautiful!

Suzie Ridler said...

Sounds like the perfect night Jamie! How wonderful. :) Sounds like you also got a lot of stuff done which is always fun to celebrate.

Shannon, wow, I am very impressed that you have gotten a plant. I remember how freaked you were about watering my plants when you stayed with me so I know this is big. Hello Ivy!!!

Thanks Jamie. It was very scary and I have to admit, I might be too scared to go back since I did not have the upper body strength to get back in the kayak. I hope I don't psyche myself out so I'm celebrating that I did it, my instincts DID kick in as I kicked myself out.

Shannon said...

Wow, eating on the patio - how rare! Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate finishing off demanding tasks, way to go!

I noticed how you said first kayaking class Suzie, are you going back for more? I'm so sorry to hear you fell in the watch - that must have been very scary. But I'm glad you got through it. YOU did it! YAY!