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Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014


I worked a lot of this weekend (that's what happens when you schedule two workshops for the same week!) but I did manage to pop out to the dollar store to get some ribbon for my Inner Alchemy cards. Sometimes they have great finds - like these smiley boxes! Though I'm not sure how the piles of stuff inside will impact those smiles and eyes!


It was so nice to spend time this weekend reading, or as I like to call it Caturday-ing, although it doesn't exclusively have to be on Saturday with (and acting like) a cat it's certainly helps!


Reg and I had a wild day going out to Unique Lawn Garden Statues yesterday and bought this little sleeping dragon. It's a long story but we turned a little corner of our backyard into a rock garden to add visual appeal and wake up people's imaginations when it comes to what can be done back there. This place was amazing and the people were fantastic. We had such a great time and now the garden is looking amazing:

We also got that urn there. It's perfect timing because we have a showing tonight. BTW, all those stones came out of this spot.

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Shannon said...

I'm still freaking out that I saw the same boxes the days before..but they had no smiley faces. I'm creeped. Seriously.

Way to go for working on the backyard Suzie. I noticed you were posting a lot of garden gnomes on Facebook, but I like this figure the best!

Late add from me :)