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Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19, 2014


I'm proud to say that I went on a couple of runs this week. I am likely the most inconsistent runner in the world but I keep trying. I've started carrying my iPhone when I run and that's awesome because now I can take pics during my cool down! This type of flower has become a signature of this neighbourhood to me. I had never seen them before living out here and if you walk around here, they're everywhere! They grow tall and plentiful and are just so simple and happy.


Totally loving Neil Gaiman these days. Although I have only read 2 of his books, I think I will have to read them all! Although right now might not have been the best time to read about a story about a boy who grows up in a graveyard, perhaps the whimsical tone of this book made it the perfect read right now.


The rain and humidity broke and I finally got out for a walk and decided to go to my thrift store. I picked up some fun treats including this cute short skirt with the label "vamp" on it. I continue to find skirts that I love but have few shirts that I like on me. Maybe I'll just start wearing my funny t-shirts with cool skirts? It was wonderful to get out for a walk, regardless. I just needed a break.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yay to great finds, Suzie. The pattern on that skirt is awesome - not to mention the name. Vamp! Very cool.

I saw this woman when we were in Quebec city decked out all in orange. A big fabulous layered skirt, bright orange sneakers, a great orange t-shirt and jacket and a fabulous scarf. She looked over-the-top fabulous and totally her own style - plus, she was surely comfortable traveling in those sneakers! It's had me thinking ever since.

Creative combos and personal style ftw!

Another late add from me.

Suzie Ridler said...

Sometimes I really think inconsistency is better as a workout, keeps the body guessing and adapting and yay for pretty flower photos! I have no idea what they are but they're lovely. Thanks for sharing!

Wow, love the sound of that woman in Quebec! I totally believe in doing things your own style and she sounds like she really had that going on.

I have decided to name my style of clothing, like it was a line or something, "Cupcakes and Camo". I wore that the other day and it was my perfect balance, complete with new cupcake earrings that I got complimented on right away.

I wonder how you would up your own style Jamie? What would that look like? So curious!

Shannon said...

I wonder what those flowers are. I am amazed you are so aware of your surroundings on your cool downs, I always totally zoned out when I ran (not the safest thing, mind you).

No reason not to wear a funny shirt with a cool skirt Suzie, sounds like a good plan to me! I love the Cupcakes an Camo idea. Love it. Go with it!

Late add from me.