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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 8, 2014


Yesterday I went out for a bit of a walk and came home with two herb plants! The garden centre is just about cleared out and the last little bit of things are on sale. I bought this beautiful silver thyme and a robust rosemary for $1.70 or so each! What a treat! The garden is looking rather lovely this year.


Monday is planning a day where I take some time to plan. Usually I really like the time to check in, update, etc but this time it kind of cascaded into feeling like all my systems were broken. Not fun! Hopefully I will figure out a fix to this next week. There is always another Monday.


While out during our 21st home showing we stopped by Michaels so I could pick up Poly-Fil! I used the last of my stuffing for my blue bird and when I run out of materials, I stop creating so now I don't have to stop.


Suzie Ridler said...

Perfect choices for herbs Jamie! Those are two very useful and healthy choices, not to mention tasty!

Shannon, oh man, hope next Monday the system ends up working better.

Shannon said...

The silver thyme and rosemary are truly gorgeous Jamie! What a treat to get plants even as the garden centre is starting to close down for the season. Lucky plants to be picked by you and brought home!

I'm so happy that you got more polyfil Suzie! Funny, I associate that term with fixing walls when painting :) Here is to having more supplies and to keep creating!