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Friday, July 7, 2017

July 7, 2017


Well, it's not quite a foodie-level picture, lol, but it was a foodie kind of dish! I'm feeling very inspired right now to really figure out food that is just right for me and for Justin. In the past, I've found the prospect a bit overwhelming but right now I am feeling motivated and optimistic. I just want us to focus on delicious nutrition rich food and be able to work with our distinct needs. (He needs distinctly more meat than I do!) Yesterday we tried Pinch of Yum's Spring Roll Bowls with Sweet Garlic Lime Sauce. Though we clearly didn't master the cooking of rice noodles, dinner was delicious! It's a keeper. 


Amazing how today I said I didn't know how to draw a horse...and one showed up on what I was watching that evening! I had a great time chatting and catching up today!


Other than stART the big thing today with a large delicious delivery from President's Choice and I finally got to try their new maple marshmallows. OMG!!!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I loved hanging out with you both for stART!What a rich episode!

LOL, Shannon, I love that a horse showed up. Maybe a month of horse drawings is in your future hehe.

Wow, Suzie, that looks like quite the delivery. Even the bag is awesome. And those marshmallows sound dangerous. Imagine them in smores!!

Suzie Ridler said...

Look at all the food! Jamie, that dish sounds delicious! Shannon, wow, talk about timing. Yes, I think drawing horses will be in Shannon's future.

I know, so good! And testing other products too. Jamie, do you want to know how good their lemon raspberry cream cheese truffles are? OK, they're more lemony than raspberry but Reg couldn't stop eating them.

Shannon said...

That looks like a bowl of yummy, Jamie! And I am sure it was as I got a chance to try it! It's great that you are working on figuring out what makes works for you food wise. This looks like an amazing choice!

Wow, that is a huge bag of goodies Suzie! I hope there is a lot of delicious goodness for you and can't wait to hear how the maple marshmellows are!

I wonder if I will continue to see more horses. Time will tell!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thanks Shannon! They got even more delicious once I figured out you can roast marshmallows on the electric stove! How did we not do that growing up?

Shannon said...

I can't believe you roasted marshmellows on the stove top! I would be so scared to have them drip on the element! You are so adventerous, Suzie!

Suzie Ridler said...

OMG, that never crossed my mind! These ones are quite long and stable but that would have been quite the foodie disaster.