The Ridler sisters, Suzie, Jamie and Shannon, discuss their creative projects, from challenges to celebrations, and support each other's creative lives.

Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017


Well, the celebration continued Sunday for Shannon's birthday. It started off just right - at the Sunset Grill for breakfast. We even made it down to the beach - and wow, the water levels are the hightest we've ever seen them! We watched movies, ate barbecue and had an ice cream cake. Celebrating Shannon is so much fun!


Birthday TIME! It was great to hang out with Jamie and Justin from breakfast at Sunset Grill with, to hanging out at the beach, and shopping and movies and new place for burgers and an ice cream cake! It was a fun filled day from start to finish!



I tried to pack as much as I could into my Saturday and made risotto balls! OMG, so delicious. I thought the risotto was good and then I made these? Damn. Worked on jewelry, my book and Sunday we went to see Spiderman which I really enjoyed. Had a lot of heart.


Suzie Ridler said...

That sounds like the most perfect birthday ever!

Shannon said...

That is a great shot, Jamie! I think going out for breakfast is a great way to start off a birthday, and everything was so awesome for the whole day! I had a great time!

Wow, risotto balls... I've never heard of that before Suzie! Might be because I've never had leftover risotto...hehehe. How wonderful that you enjoyed the new Spiderman! Sounds like it was a movie day for everyone!