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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017


I'm continuing to play along with Sketchbook Summer, but a recent prompt of Rocks, and using a big marker was a bit of a challenge! I thought this would be easy, but without shading or context... it's hard to know a rock is a rock! Continual learning is happening, and I consider that a good thing! :)


Because I had completed my mixed media piece that week I brought in a crappy canvas to do another one. I finally made my strawberry milk in a bottle reboot for my book and wanted to do a piece as an homage to it. I really like it and wanted to protect it. My teacher told us how a guy used other people's instagram images to make lots of money and apparently get away with it so that inspired me to find a watermark app just in case. Not that anyone would appreciate my art like I do, LOL.


Shannon said...

Hey!! Looks like art all around!!! I was wondering about your name in there Suzie, intersting that there is a watermark app. Yes, I remember hearing about that Instagram thing - wasn't that also on an episode of Elementary? Hehe!

I love your hommage to Strawberry Milk in a Bottle! How wonderful that you have another image for your book!

Suzie Ridler said...

Love the rocks Shannon! And a woman in my class really struggled with drawing rocks too. Not easy but you did a great job.

Yes, there is a watermark app! Oh wow, I don't remember that on Elementary, isn't that terrible?

Thanks Shannon. That was the hardest recipe so far. Have to write the story still but man, not easy. I hope this painting did my struggle with it justice! I added some more elements to it too so I can share it for stART.