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Friday, July 14, 2017

July 14, 2017


For the next ciuple of weeks, I am going to be immersed in The Art of the Altar, which I am thoroughly enjoying. It was a rich day exploring and then I took a break and went over to a friend's house for the evening. We had a great time chatting for hours at her kitchen table.


I didn't take many pictures yesterday as I was doing a bunch of organizing and that would just be piles of different kinds of mess, and who needs to see that? Instead... here is an app I tried out that's like a colouring book. It's pretty cool, you choose a colour and than tap anywhere you want to be that colour. Fun!


Made space on my desk for altar items for Jamie's class including my own holy moon water from the other night. I also made sticky toffee pudding which was unbelievably delicious. A good day.


Suzie Ridler said...

That is a super fun and cute altar Jamie! Yes, I am sure it will be taking up a lot of time and energy.

Love the idea of a digital colouring book Shannon, how cool is that?

Shannon said...

I love your menagerie of altar items, Jamie! The class is amazing, so much richness and wonder and looking and seeing and creating. It is wonderful! And it's great that you got out to hang out with a friend, woohoo!

Wow, that is a great image Suzie and how wonderful to be collecting items for altar creation. And how amazing is it that you made your own holy moon water! Wow!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks so much, both of you. I am really enjoying creating the class, including all the beautiful moments that show up around it.

Shannon, that app is so much fun. Totally dangerous but thanks for sharing haha.

Suzie, that collection of altar items is so beautiful. May the magic find you.