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Friday, July 21, 2017

July 21, 2017


Yesterday was awesome!! I had a busy day prepping for The Art of the Altar but was able to wrap up just in time for heading out to the aquarium to celebrate Shannon's birthday. It was magical! We had an amazing time, so much wonder and beauty. We even saw a sea turtle! I couldn't have been happier.


I think I may be a little out of practice with outdoor selfies, but even so I think this is a fun one! I had so much fun going to Ripley's Aquarium with Jamie and Justin to celebrate my birthday! So many fishes! Sharks! Jelly fish! And more. Wow. I'm still amazing by all that we saw. What a treat!!!


Took more stuff to Value Village, printed out letters, forms, filled some forms out, baked cinnamon buns for the volunteers are the studio party/sale tomorrow, made a risotto for lunch... Keeping busy so I try not to panic about life.


Suzie Ridler said...

Those are THE BEST photos of Shannon ever! OMG, so much fun, I love it. I'm thrilled you two had a great time at the aquarium. So cool!!!

Shannon said...

Planet Jellies! I am so glad that we went ot the Aquarium Jamie! I am glad that The Art of the Altar is going so well and you were able to wrap up in time for use to see all the underwater goodness. It was a blast!

You are doing so great Suzie, you have so much going on and are really taking initiative. Make sure to get some rest in too...I know it can be hard when it's so stressful, but it's really important too. *hugs* And cinnamon buns... yum... they look wonderful!