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Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017


Well, we are officially starting to think about a reno. We're beginning with thinking about the floors since they will be such a strong and compelling statement in the house. We are trying to balance the age and character of the house, my taste, Justin's taste and what is relatively easy to work with. Quite a challenge! Over two days, we came home with all of these samples to give us a good idea of what might work. We're already thinking we should give ourselves more time for decision-making! 


I'm still chipping away at getting my place looking and feeling like everything is in it's place, and one step I took towards that this weekend was to add some art supplies (that I use!) to their new home my bookshelf (the lower shelf is the new stuff). I like having them here, much more handy that piled on the floor! Here's hoping I have room to put away whatever I choose next!


Didn't have a lot of energy today because of my cold but somehow found a way to make lemon poppy seed muffins. A friend sent me the recipe and I liked the old school way of making them using egg whites to help them be light and fluffy. Despite it being a dark, damp day I was able to whip the egg whites.


Shannon said...

Wow, that is so cool you can get samples for flooring, makes such a difference especially as how different things can look with different light (and even time of day!). I hope you have a good amount of decision making time to help with a good decision!

Wow, homemade lemon poppy seed muffins! Is it odd to say that I didn't even know you could do that? I've only ever had store bought. I hope they turned out well and I hope you are feeling better soon!

Suzie Ridler said...

Wow, I agree with Shannon, very cool you can take those samples home with you! It will be interesting to see what you decide on.

Yay for having an easier space for your art supplies Shannon!

These were pretty good muffins and I know, never thought of making them myself before, LOL.