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Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017


Well, Justin and I are really starting to think about whether we'd like to buy a new house or renovate the one that we're in. Yesterday we went to a few open houses in our neighbourhood. This house was beautifully staged, though the overtness of the choices had to make me giggle a bit. Even in the laundry room there was a beautiful vintage tin for laundry soap - to small to be practical but certainly created an impression. When Justin mentioned how nicely the place was put together, the real estate agent said, "Yes, well, they are very stylish people." LOL.


After exploring lots of different games last year, I was able to determine which kinds of games I like only to discover some of them might be a tad too hard for me to play yet. Deciding not to let that get in my way I've actually mapped out a plan to work my way up to them and have now embarked on my 2017 Gaming Challenge which is My Quest to Become A Better Gamer. I have not started my first game in this question, which is Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. It's similar to Tomb Raider and so far it's been a lot of good fun. I've fallen off lots of ledges, gotten into a few scraps, but also figured out a some puzzles on my own. So far, so good!


I don't know how I suddenly got so busy. I guess that is what happens when you take on a project with a deadline. I want to get everything ready and up online on my birthday so I have one more week! And a week FULL of appointments and things to do. Sigh... Somehow it will get done.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, Shannon, I can hear the determination and lol, I loved your description of what you've been through so far. What kind of games did you discover you liked?

I can't believe your birthday is so soon, Suzie! I hope that everything goes smoothly and your sale is a smash hit!

Shannon said...

I was trying to figure out where that picture was from Jamie and if it was somewhere in your place. That's super cool you went to a few open houses, and interesting to see that they were crazy stylish.

Projects with deadlines sure can make life feel busy Suzie! I hope you can get stuff done without it being too stressful, especially not for your birthday! Here's hoping it all goes smoothly!

With the games, I discovered I liked third person action adventure and/or role playing games, especially with women protagonists and/or a fantasy setting. SO.. stuff like Tomb Raider (I should have known!). I also like puzzle games, but not ones where you have to jump on platforms... because... falling :) Here's hoping I like playing all the ones I picked for the quest!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, wow, that is big stuff! Big questions and decisions and I totally love that aesthetic of those home owners, LOL. Nice! I wonder what you will decide to do?

Shannon, falling off ledges must be a right of passage for a new game and for becoming a better gamer! What a cool goal, I love it.

I know, it's really around the corner isn't it? I wonder if I'll do anything this year.