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Friday, January 27, 2017

January 27, 2017


Yesterday was quite a busy day as I prepped for Journal Club starting today. Dinnertime is always a nice break, even with these two peering at me with the "When is our dinner?" look!


Another pre-vlogging pic, this one is post bookshelf-shuffle though so I have new books behind me. Moving the books around was a whole day ordeal, but in the end I think I only pulled 10-15 new ones to the shelves! Well, to these shelves, I also organized a bunch of other shelves too. Was totally worth it, I fele like I have a wonderful set of books to choose from. I wonder if I *will* read them all this year (or ever). I guess I will see how things go!

On the other side of the street there is another sign that says "Yours"


I finally got out for a REAL walk! And there was no ice anywhere. Just sandy sidewalks. Thrilling. Went out to Killarney Market for some food which we are getting desperate for and the sun was even shining. Truly starting to feel like spring here in Vancouver but knock on wood... Don't want to jinx it.


Shannon said...

Oh Jamie, Escher and Scout looks so sweet! I am sure the stare down is very effective, I know I'd cave!

So glad you can get out and that the ice has washed away Suzie! Odd sign though, is there some kind of delinitation between the street sides?

Suzie Ridler said...

Those cats are becoming quite "the gang" Jamie. Hope you always have food for them at dinner time! LOL.

Sounds like you had quite the book shuffling day Shannon, that's hard work. Are those new books behind you in the photo?

I'm not really sure what those signs are about. I guess it could be that what is ours is yours, like taking care of the neighbourhood?

Shannon said...

Some of the books behind me are new, oddly I only ended up pulling out about 12 new ones. But the shuffle brought a great new energy.