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Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 15, 2017


My journey through my stuff continues. I am feeling very motivated to make some room for my life and what it is becoming now by letting go of some older stuff. I won't let go of this though - a picture I drew of me when I was 5. I've written Robbie's name up at the top there too. Treasure!


It feels like it's been a while since I watched a new TV series so I took a chance on this Icelandic mystery drama that's set in a sleepy town that has some pretty gruesome discoveries. I really enjoyed it although the first episode was rather dark (and oddly the second episode didn't have subtitles when I watched on my PS4 but they worked on my phone... what a mystery itself). Anyhow, it was fun to try something new and I burned through the last several episodes while recovering from bit outing on Friday.


I had one hell of a headache Saturday morning and didn't think I would get up to too much but thanks to pain killers, Reg and I got out to Trout Lake. It is the first winter in 20 years that this lake has frozen over and tons of people came out to play hockey, try to skate, walk on ice or perform with a mini hula hoop. There were tons of dogs, so many kids and lots of people really being a part of the experience together. I am so glad we went and we ever went out for hot chocolate afterwards. What started as a crappy day turned around to be quite awesome.


Shannon said...

What an adventure Suzie! So glad you were able to check out the lake and all the activity there too. What an experience to see, and be on it, on a rare time when it's frozen over. Tat's sounds like great fun and a good memory to boot. And hot chocolate!

Late add from me.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Interesting choice, Shannon. I hope you like it - and that it helps you recover :)

Oh, Suzie, what a start to the day! I'm glad things improved because what an adventure! And you really caught a great moment there :)

Late add for me!