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Friday, January 13, 2017

January 13, 2017


We had a big moment with Escher yesterday. He was curled up on the couch when we came downstairs. I sat down on one side of him... and he stayed. Then Justin sat on the other side... and he stayed. In fact, he even cozied up more. It was AMAZING! He stayed like that for an hour. At one point, he even rolled over on his back, in total bliss! Then he kind of opened his eyes and looked around like, "What? What am I doing?" and jumped down shortly thereafter. It reminds me of a line in the King Arthur movie, "I've been in this life more than the other." I think one day he'll feel like that and the cozy, blissed-out Escher will be the one that stays :)


I finished the Hygge book! I really hope to incorporate a lot of what is suggested in, and look forward to enjoying coziness and company too!


Reg and I have been playing a game where we leave Totoro in places that are unexpected. Reg had a shower, got ready and everything and did not notice Totoro hanging out on top of the dryer. The rest of the day was insane. I swear, it was an early Friday the 13th for me. I dropped and broke things, things got stuck, nothing worked right, dropped my pan-fried bread on the floor... I usually don't have bad luck on Friday the 13th but now I'm a little worried. If today was bad, what will tomorrow bring?


Suzie Ridler said...

That is such a huge improvement in Escher's instinctual response! And yes, hopefully that delayed, "I'm outta here" response will be replaced with, "This is the good life."

Shannon, so glad you got to read the book! Sounds like it was a winner.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I am so enjoying that book too, Shannon. I'm glad you enjoyed it and are inspired to put some of it into practice. Exciting!

LOL, Suzie, that really makes me smile. What a great way to have some playful fun around the house.

And yes, this is a huge improvement for Escher. And you know what? Last night he sat with me again! Yay!

Shannon said...

I wonder which Knight Escher would be. Galahad? I'm so glad he is cozying in, and stayed with you and Justin on the couch for so long! that is such a wonderful development Jamie. Maybe he'll get into Hygge this year too!

I wonder if it was the combo of Fri the 13 and the Full Moon Suzie. I was having a wacky few days too. I'm glad you guys made a Totoro game up! That is such a wonderful fun thing to do.