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Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017


As I get ready for the Junk Journal Journey class, I treated myself to a little package of ephemera from Etsy. My favourite part of it is actually the ideas it generates and the way it makes me want to go through my magazines and cut them down into what could be useful for creating. A big theme for me this year is letting go to make room for transformation and goodness. I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about what to let go of in the studio and came to some big decisions. Suzie, I so admire the way you can cut fiercely through what no longer serves you. This is a great challenge for me but this year I can feel how important it is.


I took almost no pictures today! Got tucked into some lists and Excel stuff (shocker!). I did take this one. I love the trees out the window. I guess I traded one tree (Christmas) for another! I also wanted to check how it was after the very active wind last night. I heard a few branches scamper across the roof, but overall it doesn't look too worse for wear.


Really down today so I focused on getting my Etsy sale ready. Didn't help that my Flickr account and my domain name all required updating so any money I make from this sale is already spoken for. Yeah, feeling down.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

What a beautiful view you have, Shannon, all year round! I'm glad to hear the tree is okay, even with the wind. That was intense.

I'm sorry you're feeling down, Suzie. I am amazed by how much you've created! Look at all those treasures. I hope they do support your expenses and more!

Suzie Ridler said...

Oh that ephemera looks wonderful! What a treat Jamie! And I am glad I can help in the process of letting go. For the most part, I find it very liberating but it can even be hard for me. Lately fear has been taking over.

Shannon, love your trees!!! And I am glad you had a chance to get that photo in and capture the windy day for the trees.

Thanks Jamie. I just hope some of it sells. If nothing sells like at the art sale I will be quite devastated again but hey, gotta put yourself out there and be brave, right?

Shannon said...

How wonderful to enjoy some ephemera Jamie! I am so looking forward to the Junk Journaling class. I can understand the letting go and making room. I'm feeling that this year too for things, that it's time to enjoy it or let it go. I wonder what that will feel like!

Wow Suzie, how wonderful to see so much of your work! I hope the Etsy sale goes really well. I'm sorry to hear that the timing aligned with other costs, hopefully the sale will go really well and take care of it! And yes, be brave! You know how to do that Suzie!! *cheer*