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Friday, January 20, 2017

January 20, 2017


Yesterday I really dedicated myself to writing, by which I mean, I did laundry, planned and prepped dinner and generally walked around not writing - lol! Eventually I did settle down and actually wrote the seeds of something important for my "big book" and did a lot of work on next year's project. And I even did it with a Bodum full of herbal tea - not coffee after coffee after coffee :)


Got out to do some errands today and stopped into Value Village and and they've changed their prices. At first glance I thought they increased them generally, but I think they just added on more price for books in the highest bracket. All that said, I picked up a few that I am excited about and none were that price. Amazing how that happens!


Well I ended up staying with the same people for my site, unbelievably stressful. I worked on my Etsy site a lot and then Totoro surprised me by sitting in my spot with my Hello Kitty blanket! It was good to have a laugh because things have been so challenging. Totoro can always make me smile.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, that's great to know, Shannon. I actually popped into Value Village looking for a picture book for Lisa Congdon's class and found one that was awesome. I was shocked when I got to the cash and it was actually $10. I decided to let it go. I'm so glad that you had some great finds!

And speaking of finds, lol, Totoro is so cute. I'm glad he gave you a smile. At least staying with the same company you don't have to go through the process of change, which can be a big stress on its own. I hope it all works out, Suzie.

Suzie Ridler said...

Sounds like you were seriously productive Jamie which is awesome and yay for tea! Great idea BTW.

Shannon, I was just looking at cookbooks and they were $7.99, no thanks. Unless it is a brand spanking new book I really want... Glad you found some treasures though!

Isn't Totoro awesome? He is a nature spirit and having him pop up around the house is awesome.

Shannon said...

Oh, Jamie... I am glad to hear that you were able to get some writing done, and a lot of puttering too ! Amazing how clean the house gets when you have a big to do like that... I love your tea cup! Way to go on not getting over caffinated!

I'm so sorry to hear that the tech and site hosting stuff was so stressful Suzie. That is such a challenge. But on the happy side, looks like your Etsy sale is doing amazing!!!

I can't believe a book at VV was $10 Jamie! That's way higher than I've ever seen, even at individual pricing. Whoa, $7.99 for cookbooks? That's nutty Suzie. When you are getting to those prices I would almost rather go new!