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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 30, 2014


Well, it's that time, the time I sit down with my dreams and some magazines and make my Vision Cards for the year ahead. I popped out today to get some new mags and though some are still holiday focused, that's actually great because they have lots of magic and sparkle - just what I'm looking for!


I think I've finished my last book of the year, and it's a Those Books book! Although I didn't finish Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town before the holidays as planned, I did finish it by the end of the year and for that I'm counting it as a win. It was very charming and I can see how it's continued to be enjoyed over the years. It makes for my 4th Canadian book of the year, 7th of Those Books and 65th for the years total (unless I finish something in 48 hours!).


I did it! I sat down with Reg and watched the first episode of Isis while eating a Curlywurly chocolate bar. I felt like such a kid! I actually remembered the intro quite well and it was exciting to see. Reg said he used to watch a show that was so similar, I think he called in the Phoenix or something. Similar premise. Yes, it was cheesy but I loved it! I totally want to make her costume now.


Shannon said...

I love that you sit down with your Dream Jamie, what a beautiful image that is. And woohoo for sparkle and magic in the holiday seasoned magazines for you to enjoy and infuse your Vision Cards for the upcoming year. I wonder what 2015 will hold for you :)

What an awesome experience to enjoy one of your childhood shows and a chocolate bar (I don't remember those kind at all! I hope it was yummy). It's a treat when we can find and enjoy what felt like a long lost treasure. Delightful!

Suzie Ridler said...

That's true! Holiday issues will have sparkle so yay! Love that you are making vision cards. I have areas of my life I want to focus on this year but keep forgetting them. I should really try that.

Shannon, I am so happy you enjoyed the book and agree, read before New Year's is a win to me!

That chocolate bar was called something else when I was a kid. It was a lasso and there was a cowboy on the wrapper. This one isn't exactly the same but it will do. Watched another episode of ISIS and I continue to get goosebumps when she called on the Goddess.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Yay to finishing your book, Shannon! That's awesome. Did it work well for you to parse it into pieces and plan your reading? I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I remember really enjoying it too.

Yay to watching Isis with your chocolate bar. That is so cool. I think they actually used to call those chocolate bars Wig Wag. Omg, did we love them! I can still imagine sitting in the back of the car eating one. Yum! What a treat.

I'm so glad you enjoyed Isis. I can TOTALLY see you in that costume, Suzie!

Shannon said...

Parsing out the book did help initially, but I then did one big hurrah to finish it. I wish I had stuck to my original pacing, but I got to the done is better than perfect stage :)

And I concur, you should totally go for the Isis costume Suzie. I'm sure you could rock that out like mad!