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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3, 2014


Yesterday was such a big day! We did the dress rehearsal for planning day, which went awesomely well! Plus we were back to guitar after a week off (for Dad's birthday dinner) and I was so nervous, especially since I was bringing my new guitar! But everyone loved her shiny blue-ness and my teacher said he didn't detect anything wrong with her so YAY! I felt so relieved and happy when we left. And as I was packing up, I noticed this wonderful horse right by the drums!


I got out and about in our old hood yesterday and it was wild to see it look like fall still, but it was cold enough to feel like winter for sure. Like the cold of how your skin at some point feels totally different against your jeans cold. I don't know if others know that level of cold, hehe. Thankfully it didn't feel as cold on the way home, but that might have been because is it the happier direction.


I got out to the library yesterday but it wasn't easy. It's been cold here and the library is not close. But I was determined and did it but man, it felt like I was walking in molasses. I picked up some sewing books but despite their titles, they were too tame for me. Oh Shannon, I also got the book American Heiress for the Felicia Day book club.


Suzie Ridler said...

We were both out and about in the cold yesterday Shannon but wow to being in the old hood! Yes, jeans outside in the windy chilly weather is not fun.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, you both braved the cold yesterday. Time for bundling!

I recognized where you were right away, Shannon! And the moment of cold you're talking about too, hehe.

Suzie, wow, that looks like an amazing book. Now I'm thinking of that song... Subversive Suzie had a sewing machine ee-aye-ee-aye-ooooh!

A little tardy add for me.

Suzie Ridler said...

Yay! I am so glad you got the thumbs up from your guitar teacher and that you are back at class. What a cool horse! I think that is a good sign.

LOL, oh, I could totally live with that lyric for me! Much more accurate these days, LOL. Thanks Jamie!

BTW, I have no idea where you are in the old hood Shannon!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad the dress rehearsal and the new-guitar-to-class went well Jamie! That must have put a lot of stress away. And YAY for seeing random horses out and about :)

I'm sorry to hear that the trek was tough to the library Suzie, I hope it will be better when it's less winter like there. And that's too bad that the sewing books were too tame. Are you looking for projects, or technique? I always remember Candace when she was on Cityline, she could use the same technique for home decor as other designers, but because she choose bold colours or strong imagery it felt so different than than the other designers that went for safer, traditional choices.

Shannon said...

I so wish I had the those jeans that are snowpants that you posted about on Facebook Suzie! And I was going towards Ikea, but on the other side of the street. The lights ahead is the Ikea corner.

Suzie Ridler said...

It's already warming up, yay!!! So it should be better now, thanks Shannon. Rainy of course, LOL.

I guess I'm looking for wild sewing ideas. Like how to add horns to a hoodie. The ones I got are more about redesigning stuff into new looks. I guess I just love embellishing, LOL. It's helping me figure all that out though, getting the library books.

It's true, bold colours and imagery make all the difference!

I wish you had those snow pants too Shannon. I wish they were more accessible, financially, but they would be amazing and I bet they would make such a difference for you!

Oh man, the IKEA corner has really changed! I remember when there was nothing there, just an empty field. Thanks for letting me know, it was driving me crazy!

Shannon said...

I wonder if there are books on just embellishing. Doing smaller projects might help too, thinking of the horns. No wonder watching the Cosplay show was so much fun, people really bring what is in their wild imagination to life. I wonder if there is a good YouTube channel with turtorials or something. Hm. It's good that looking through the books, even if it's not what you want, is helpful.

I can't believe those snowpants are like $200! I can imagine for folks that work outside in the winter they are perfect, but for an everyday folk like me I think I'll just wear tights/yoga pants/long johns underneath for now!