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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16, 2014


Justin and I decided to get into the holiday feeling by getting out to the movies and then to dinner. We saw The Theory of Everything, which was a powerful story brilliantly acted but, of course, very tough to watch as you see the impact of illness on famous physicist Stephen Hawking and those around him - very heavy. Afterwards we had a great dinner at a local pub, which we managed to get a seat at despite all of the Christmas after-work get-togethers!


I hit a bit of a reading slump recently and as such I'm a little behind where I projected I would be for the Those Books Exploration. I would love for the pace of the books to be about one a month, but I'm still reading my November selection of Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town by Stephen Leacock. I'm really enjoying it, but I would like to finish it before Christmas so I can work on yearly retrospective stuff between Christmas. To provide myself some incentive to to finish it by then, I made a countdown calendar! These tend to get me out of a slump, and so far it's working. Each house represents a chapter/vignette and I colour in the roof when I've read the chapter. I'm now feeling pretty confident now that I'll make my goal!


Reg and I went to IKEA yesterday to pick up some final things for my crafts room and this wall of veggies cracked me up.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love your countdown calendar, Shannon! It feels like an advent calendar but you get reading instead of chocolates! What a great idea.

LOL, Suzie, those veggies are awesome!! They totally brightened up my morning. Thank you for sharing.

Suzie Ridler said...

I'm glad you got out to the movies Jamie and thanks for the warning about that film. We wanted to see it but couldn't find it at the theatres around here and now I am kind of glad. I'm sure we'll watch it one day but not right now. :) And yay for celebrating afterwards at a pub!

It does feel like an advent calendar! I love that the different chapters are different sizes to show their length. I'm glad this helps you Shannon, such a cool idea.

Yay! So glad veggie brightened your day. They're just so cute!

Shannon said...

Yay for movie-ing and holidayness! I'm sorry the movie was so heavy, but I'm glad to hear it was also really good! Good to know it has both qualities :) And YAY for pub outing and getting a seat even with the work parties. That is quite a feat.

Are those like...stuff animal vegetables Suzie? They are wild! Totally cute. Ikea has the craziest stuff.

I thought this calendar kind of felt like an advent Calendar! I'm glad that reads. I really hope I can finsih it before the holidays!