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Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 28, 2014


I'm kind of resisting putting away my presents (I don't want the holidays to end!), but I did cave and put up my Halo Calender! Sorry Fish Calendar of have been usurped!


We had a Skype call with our friends Mike and Jen and this moment was so funny, I had to take a photo. It was of their poinsettia! Ours is still alive so I guess I'm doing a pretty good job of taking care of it. Reg and I are wearing matching Star Trek hoodies while hanging out with our dear friends.


The Happy Whisk said...

Sounds like a darn good day.

Shannon said...

I was wondering what was in the picture! Too funny! That's so nice you got to have a friends skype call and celebrate the holiday cheer. And how awesome is it that you and Reg have matching Star Trek Hoodies? That's so fun!

Last of the late adds from me.

Suzie Ridler said...

It rocked Ivy!

Shannon, so glad you put up your calendar and I know, I don't want the fun to end either. I'm lazing it until New Year's although my Hello Kitty calendar is up.

It was such an hysterical moment when Mike brought the plant over in comparison to our GIANT poinsettia. It was awesome and they are such good friends.

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Oh, their poor poinsettia, LOL! That's great that you guys got to Skype. It's almost like beaming over! Love the hoodies!

I know exactly what you mean about presents, Shannon. I'm seeing if I can stretch it to the New Year! The Halo calendar looks great!