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Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 27, 2014


Ahh... a relaxing day. What a delight! The weather is so mild too that Justin and I decided to get out for a walk (an especially good idea after so many Christmas treats!) It was amazing to see how many people had gone to a real effort to light up the streets. I'm glad I brought my camera!


It was so much fun to kick back and play games over the holidays, including being a "Shrewd Dealer" Bob who did really well until... well.. he didn't. Fun times!!



You know we're really sick when we don't take a photo. This is one I took of Reg on Christmas. He didn't want me to put it up on FB because he doesn't want to be all about "stuff" but he did want to celebrate the geekiest Christmas ever for him which made him ver happy. Which makes me very happy too. And he can keep busy while I fall into a healing coma for a week.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It's nice to see all of those treats. What fun! I think he looks like a kid in a candy store, which is awesome.

Clearly now is the time to dial everything back and get some rest, Suzie. I hope you can curl up with some TV or good books and just nap, nap, nap. Sending lots of good vibes.

The Happy Whisk said...

Love the smile and really? What's wrong with being a little kid at Christmas? So fun.

Feel better.

Shannon said...

I'm super impressed you got out for a walk and saw lights in he hood Jamie! Walking off all those delightful treats is probably a really good idea!!

Sounds like there were several geeky Christmas's this year! I totally get what Reg is saying about not being all about the stuff, but it's nice to celebrate the awesome too. I hope you heal up soon so you can play with your Christmas goodies!!

Late add from me.

Suzie Ridler said...

Wonderful Christmas lights and yes, I heard you guys had a warm Christmas! I think it's been warmer just about everywhere else this year. It was 17C in Nova Scotia, LOL.

Shannon, I don't know that game! I will have to look into it, I'm so glad you got to play together, that's awesome.

Love all the meekness and thanks! I am trying to take care of myself. Laundry has been haunting me though. I can't wait to play with my dehydrator!!!

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It's so true, Shannon, your character rocked it right until the very end! Suzie, this is the Elder Scrolls game that you got for Justin. We had a lot of fun sitting down and playing. It felt like the holidays!

Suzie Ridler said...

I was hoping that was the game! Hmmm… Might have to get it myself, LOL. So glad you all had fun playing Elder Scrolls. True holiday family fun.

Shannon said...

The game was a total blast! Playing games totally makes it feels like the holidays, and I don't want them to end!

Suzie Ridler said...

I feel the same way about games Shannon and am so glad I could contribute to the fun!

BTW, I bought black dice with silver speckles. Give my old ones a break and hopefully my new character some good luck!