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Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

(picture by Jarvis Church)

Justin and I are in this crowd somewhere up in the upper balcony! Very spontaneously we took advantage of a great price on tickets and went to see Jarvis Church and Soul Station. Wow, I've got to say, they put on a show!! The music was amazing, the performance vitally alive and the audience, as you can see, enthusiastic! It was a lot of fun and so nice to get out and do something fun!


After much thinking, researching, doublechecking, price-referencing, etc I decided to dive in an get a PS4. WOOHOO. My first gaming console. Although Just Dance is still on it's way and it took hours to get a confirmation email to make anything on the system go, the console is nice and shiny and white and even came with its own game: Destiny. And this is the character I created. Isn't she awesome? I barely know how to do anything yet, but I can jump better than I can aim and so that puts me at the same place I start with every game! A huge thank you to Jamie and Justin for helping me with the logistics of picking it out, picking it up, and sifting through all the freaking menus, log ins, and a crazy long username picking brainstorm session.


It is so cold here right now (below 0C!) my camera had a hard time taking this shot of Reg being attacked by a giant spider and me coming to rescue him at D&D. It was an epic night and I was often on my own with an unconscious or mysteriously missing party and had to make a ton of decisions on my own which I really, really, REALLY did not enjoy on just my second game ever. I set the building on fire and then potentially set Reg on fire and then maybe drowned him too. Clearly I am not the brains of the party. I'm more a smash and kill kind of character.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Look at that theme of gaming!

Woohoooo Shannon for getting your first ever console. Your character looks awesome - and so does the machine. What a beauty. I have a feeling that there are hours and hours of fun coming! Can't wait until you get Just Dance and we can figure out how to do that together, LOL! So cool.

Great picture, Suzie! I can feel the intensity of the moment. Man, that's a lot of pressure. WTG for braving it! I think that's a super big deal.

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that is the coolest you and Justin went and they took this photo of the crowd. What a performance! Although I would have loved to have seen Justin waving his arms with everyone, LOL. Seriously, very cool.

Shannon, that is amazing! I have a feeling you're going to love having that gaming console and it already looks so fantastic. A ton of fun. I've been thinking of getting one too since I am watching so little TV.

It was a lot of pressure Jamie and it was getting late and everyone was waiting for me to make decisions. A personal win for me! :) Thanks.

Shannon said...

How awesome to get out to a concert Jamie! I love how enthusiastic the crowd is, you can see how happy everyone was. Here is to jumping in and taking advantage of good prices!

Smash and kill characters for the win, Suzie! That's the kind I often like to play too, so much more clear on what to do. I think making so many decisions on the second night would be a challenge for anyone, and I'm impressed you came to Reg's rescue! Woohoo!

Gaming fun all around...yeehaaw!

Suzie Ridler said...

They Barbarian-type players are fun to play, especially when you're new to the world. Reg's body ended up disappearing that night. No idea where it is! I'll find out next week, LOL.

How are you liking your new gaming console Shannon? I'm curious about Destiny, do you like it?

Shannon said...

I'm LOVING the new console, especially now that I have Just Dance - even though it's different, and the not being the same World Stage as Jamie's really sucks :(

I find Destiny pretty challenging, although I've never played a game like that. Targetting is very hard (I usually just punch people), but I've gotten a little better. The next time I play I have to do something different (find someone in a town), which looks like it's multiplayer (unless NPCs jump up and down like maniacs) but I think a lot is point and shoot. It's fun to add a game into the roster of things to do, although I might be better suited to like a puzzle game or simpler game.