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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 4, 2014


The weather system was making my head totally wonky yesterday but it was surprisingly good to get out for a walk - especially to pick up ice cream! Added bonus was that we saw at least 5 cats along the way. Luckily I brought my camera - more Catz in the Hood!


I'm a little off my game as I almost forgot to change my calender from May to June! I wasn't overly keen on the fish pictures that it had, so I've been making my own designs. It's been fun to do!


Reg and I needed to burn off a little steam last night so we went to see a late showing of Godzilla! I FINALLY got to see it! It wasn't a perfect movie but totally perfect to escape some of the stress Reg and I have been under.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I love your homemade calendar pics, Shannon! What a creative way to personalize your month :)

Yay to a great escape, Suzie. That movie feels like it would be just right for summer escapism! I love seeing both of your enthusiasm!

Suzie Ridler said...

Sorry to hear that Jamie about the weather changing. That messes with me too. Glad you got out for a walk though, the cats were calling you!

Shannon, OMG, again, I thought they were from a calendar you bought. Amazing, they're fantastic. I love them! If you ever make a printer calendar, I want to buy one!

Thanks Jamie, yes, it was fun to escape even though I could barely sit still from pain. Reg and I had a lot of stress released in taking that photo, LOL. Godzilla really reminds me of Robbie. I loved that glow-in-the-dark statue. I just really needed to go.

Shannon said...

oh my goodness that cat is such a sweetie pie! Lovely picture of it too Jamie. I hope the weather (and your head!) clear up. I think walks and ice cream and definitely good ideas :)

I'm so glad you and Reg got out to see Godzilla Suzie! Haven't heard to much reaction to it yet, but sounds like it was the perfect movei to let off some steam :)

I'm glad you guys like my calendar pics, who knew it would be so much fun?