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Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27, 2014


Yesterday was one of the busiest days! I had a wonderful time filming the welcome for the Full Buck Moon Dreamboard Workshop. I filmed it at the studio door, on my roof, and that was a first! It worked out well except for all of the noise! The birds are welcome, the trucks and planes, not so much. Then I led Pearl-Diving in the afternoon and was happy to get some wonderful feedback at the end. Then off to guitar, where we are making slow but steady progress with classical. It was then the perfect time to go to the pub and sit on the patio.


I've been sick for most of the week, but one thing I did was created a film-specific Netflix profile, and with doing that I rated a bunch of movies being curious to see what they would recommend me to watch. What I didn't expect was after a while it asked specific questions like the one above. And that was a pretty mild of the crazy ones!


We finally had a quiet day at home and a knock came at the door and there was a big President's Choice box for me! So Reg filmed me as I opened up the box and shared what was inside. Good times.


Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, that sounds like an amazing albeit insane creative day! I love this photo of you. It is so you!!! I adore that you are being so creative and living a lush life. :)

Shannon said...

I *adore* this picture of you Jamie! Did you take if with you HD wee video camera? It looks amazing! And I love your crown! I'm so impressed by how much you get done in a day!!

Unboxing goodness!!! Don't you just love mystery boxes Suzie? I think you should do one Chopped style and try and get everything into 1 meal! hehehe. Okay, not the Tortilla Strips though because I'm sure they are all gone! teehhe!

First of the late adds for me.

Suzie Ridler said...

It's true, mystery boxes are the most fun to record! Chopped style, ack! The tortilla strips would make the perfect garnish.

Those questions on Netflix were hysterical! Did you feel it was worthwhile?

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Thanks so much about the picture. Yes, it's a still from the video with my Flip camera! I really like it. I'm glad I decided to wear my golden crown, hehe.

Shannon, that Netflix series absolutely cracked me up. Thank you for sharing them. I'm still giggling just thinking about them.

I love a good unboxing! What a wonderful set of treats. I hope you enjoyed it all, Suzie! I certainly enjoyed watching you discover them :)

Shannon said...

Wow that Flip Camera has amazing image quality Jamie!

I'm so glad you both enjoyed the Netflix questions series. It's a little to early to tell if it's worth it to do to get good recommendations, for me it's still rare for a title will come up on Netflix that I haven't heard about before and/or had some impression of. I've heard from other people that they hav found it very worthwhile. Even if it doesn't help with recommends, I had a blast answering the questions an sharing some of the zaniness!