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Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 26, 2014


I'm so glad I went to co-work with Tanya yesterday. When things are so hectic (I'm delivering 3 classes this week) sometimes I have to stay put but getting out and about was good for my heart and creative mind. And, of course, getting out always gives me a chance to meet cats! This is Taxicat. She is as an absolute sweetie and, believe it or not, 20 years old!


After having a morning showing and sleeping in the car in an empty parking lot (long story) we got a call for a sudden and very spontaneous showing in the afternoon too. This is us driving home from Starbucks in bumper-to-bumper traffic along the Bedford Highway. Let's just hope it was worth it.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

It's all about the showings right now, isn't it? I'm glad you got some rest - even if it was in the car!

Suzie Ridler said...

Stunning cat!!! And it is good to get out isn't it? Although wow, that's a lot of classes Jamie, good grief you're busy.

Yes, that's all life has been about and when we're not showing the house I'm cleaning and doing laundry… It was quite a surreal day, living in the car. Next time I am bringing a pillow!

Shannon said...

Omg that cat is just so charming Jamie! And yes... I am totally biased with the similarity to Mr. Man. And that cat looks pretty amazing for 20! Impressive. Sounds like taking a break and getting some cat vibes was perfect timing on a busy day during busy times.

It's exciting to hear how many showings their have been Suzie, I'm really hoping all of your work pays off and you can not be sleeping in cars.