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Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014


I had the absolute best time this weekend doing a shoot in the backyard for an upcoming class. It was an amazing combination of so many things I love: costuming, creating an experience, dance, photography, editing, visioning, music, working with the setting and the moment. I was completely in my element on the Summer Solstice.
Retro Kitchen - Invitation


On the weekend I started taking photographs of some foodie items Lorraine gave to me, including this retro foodie party invite. When I see images like this I think of Mom of course but I also think of this genre of images disappearing and I don't want that to happen. It is just too cute to be lost.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

What a wonderful invitation, Suzie! It takes me back in time too! I can actually see that kind of ribbon in Mom's sewing closet too, hehe. Yay to finding a way to preserve this aesthetic.

Suzie Ridler said...

Is that a birdcage Jamie? The imagine is powerful. You must have taken it with a tripod? I can't wait to watch your video today. I was thinking about it. Video really can be like making mini plays that everyone everywhere can watch.

That invites takes me right back too. So cute and captures a very particular time and aesthetic that Mom really enjoyed.

Shannon said...

What an exciting Summer Solstice to do a workshop that encapsulated so many of the things you love Jamie! And I love this birdcage, it's so cute!

I think it's awesome that you are documentary foodie treasures like this one Suzie, and I really hope invites and images like this don't poof away! It reminds me of Mom too.