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Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 12, 2014


Yesterday was such a busy day - and I have more to come. I met this little beauty on my way home from co-working with Tanya. It was funny because I'd just reached a major street and thought, "There won't likely be any photo opps along this stretch," put away my camera and then saw this guy sitting in front of a van! Despite his rather serious look, he was a very friendly guy!


I'm falling in to a bit of a reading slump, which is so sad given my recent crazy active interest in it. I'm trying to get re-engaged with this book The Bone Season and there is a readathon on Booktube for it. Who knows, maybe this will rocket me back to reading awesomeness.


Yesterday was a major day for me. I was asked to come down to do a photoshoot Chef Flinn's Fog Buster Burger for President's Choice. Made live by the chef himself on the set of CTV!

I learned a lot. 1) Standing around waiting was very hard. 2) I really love shooting events and now I know this also included people (shocking). 3) Shooting other people's food does not engage me very much (shocking as well). I also totally messed up. I was warned but I still gasped when the host took a bite out of the burger and feel terrible that I might have screwed up the shot. I guess I got very protective of that burger! All in all, fascinating. I came home and slept the rest of the day away. Exhausting but very revealing.


Shannon said...

OH my goodness, that cat looks like Mr. Man's cousin or something! What a beauty (no bias, of course). How lovely of you to found such a lovely and friendly cat, even if not in a super cat friendly place!

What a powerful and insightful experience Suzie, I am so impressed you embraced the opportunity and learned so much from it. Wow. Amazing!

Suzie Ridler said...

That does look like Mr. Man's cousin! LOL. Jamie, cats just adore you. You can't leave home without a camera, too many photo ops.

Shannon, I am sorry to hear about the reading slump. I hope the Booktube helps to inspire you again.

It was a major experience for me Shannon, it's true. I did learn so much. :) I'm glad I did it but man, the timing. I've been going non-stop!