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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 18, 2017


I just had to mark the stART doppleganger moment! It was great to connect with you both yesterday for the show. I'm so glad we have this regular time to talk with one another about our creative lives. I always look forward to it!


I'll add an image later, but it will mark something I shared on stART: I'm starting the Spring into Horror Readathon! Two weeks of reading horror... oh my. I hope it doesn't keep me up at night!


What a fun stART day! Thank you for the support and hanging out. I rested a bit and then also went to see David Lynch: The Art Life which seems perfect for a stART day although, woah, his stuff is way out there! Totally different approach to art. It was quite fascinating.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Well, it looks like stART was a highlight for all of us!

Shannon, I hope that Readathon doesn't keep you up at night too! Maybe you'll have early morning coffee and horror dates, lol.

Suzie, the collage is awesome! And wow, I bet that movie was so interesting! I'm curious now!

Suzie Ridler said...

In a world... With TWO Shannon Ridlers... It reminds me of a movie! So cool you caught that moment Jamie.

Horror in the morning might be easier to handle although I am not quite sure of that.

Thanks Jamie and the doc was quite fascinating. I think he did a lot of it and wished there was someone there to ask him more questions so he could finish his thoughts. Definitely not a romanticization of the life of an artist though. Some truly creepy art in that flick.

Shannon said...

Ack!!! Evidence of the doppleganger moment. So freaky!!! And funny! Thanks for capturing that Jamie!

Wow, Suzie, a David Lynch exhibition. Sounds very interesting. And totally perfect for a stART day!

I'm so glad we do stART!! I love catching up and hearing what everyone is up to!!

And my picture is up now :) And maybe I will start reading in the morning. I don't remember what my dreams were after night 1, but I remember I had dreams. Maybe it's better not to remember!

Suzie Ridler said...

Spring into horror... That's awesome! I do hope they remain dreams and not turn into nightmares. :)