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Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015


This weekend Justin and I finished up the series of Ballroom Dance classes that we started on my birthday. We've learned the very basics of tango, rumba, east coast swing and now, foxtrot. I loved the foxtrot (think Fred and Ginger). It really moves across the floor and was so much fun. I am truly going to miss these lessons. Ballroom dance is definitely something I'd love to keep learning!


Art Day! I had a lot of fun with Carla's warm up exercises, and I picked out a bunch of pictures for faces and really hope to try them all out. I also picked for a few different magazines, and it's amazing how frequently only looked at sort of 'beauty shots' in fashion mags, but looking in a few places it was cool to get shots that were different angles, different ages and guys too. Drawing beards is weird!

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Shannon said...

I'm so impressed you and Justin learned Ballroom Dancing! And got to do moves that we've only previously seen on TV or in the movies, how exciting! SO... does this dog dance ? Or is that Level II....

Late add from me.