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Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11, 2015


I was so excited this week to get a ton of stuff done - more than I actually thought was possible! Maybe this time-off thing is a good idea! Yesterday I recorded the podcast and got the newsletter ready to go. It felt great to end off the week with so much complete!


Ah, The Voice Lives have begun! It's so exciting, and it also is going to get more and more painful as the weeks go on as there are so many amazing singers but the cuts have started and they will keep going until only 1 wins. 20 singers enter,... 1 singer leaves!


Before the convention insanity, I have been working so hard to save money and not buy anything if I can help it. But then the book Doodling for Foodies finally was published. It looks so perfect for me and to get the free shipping I invested in Ice Box Crochet which makes me giggle. Finding the time and energy is going to be the tough part but hopefully most of my doctor appointments are done for a bit and I can play a little while. I can't believe I seem to love fake food almost as much as real food!


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Wow, Suzie, those books are MADE for you!! That's so amazing. I'm so excited to see what you create :) I hope you're feeling well and rested soon!

Suzie Ridler said...

That's amazing you had all that energy to do all that stuff Jamie, yes, taking time off can truly fill those batteries. Wonderful!!!

Oh thank you Jamie. I'm just so excited about the books, I feel like I could explode. I feel like I'm really onto something fun and exciting.

Shannon said...

I love this picture of you Jamie! And I'm so impressed you got so much done, that must feel sooooo good, especially after time off for va-ca!

What an awesome foodie book combination Suzie! I think those are totally perfect for you and I hope you enjoy them very much.

Late add from me.