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Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 27, 2014


Yesterday I was totally tucked into a long day of work. Mostly I'm immersed in getting the Full Cold Moon Dreamboard workshop created but I also managed to accomplish things in lots of other areas too, including interviewing the wonderful Kari Chapin for the podcast. Kari is savvy, practical and fun. She's got a new podcast coming out too about creativity and productivity. I'm looking forward to it!


With all the cable squares blocked, I am now at the assembly stage of the cabled afghan blanket and here is me with all my squares! Oh my! Deciding how to put it all together was quite a process, given that I used 4 different colours and I really didn't think I would mind it being all mixed up...but I did! I really took my time until I found what felt and looked right and now I'm looking forward to getting it to be an actual blanket. This always feels like the most challenging part of a knitting project: putting it all together. Fingers crossed I don't lose steam!


I was so desperate to have a nap yesterday but decided to give myself one hour to go through mags I got at Value Village for my 2015 dreamboard while watching a LifeBook video in my crafts room. It went great but then got a serious migraine and had to lie down. Oh well, at least I got some artsy time into my life yesterday.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, I really love that pic! I think your smile is even more shiny than your squares!

It sounds like quite a process to bring these together in a way that felt good. I saw the pic and love what you came up with. Yay you for making a start on bringing them all together. I can't wait to see how the whole project turns up.

Suzie, I love knowing that you're working on your dreamboard, hehe, especially after our great chat about it! I'll be curious to see what comes together for you. I'm sorry to hear that you ended up with a migraine though. It's good you could lie down and rest.

Btw, I SO miss my slippers like that. I wore them absolutely through. I keep hoping Old Navy will have them again but no luck. They are the coziest!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, you get to speak with the most amazing people! And am happy to hear you are getting to work on the dream board workshop. Plus, I love the sound of that book!

I can totally understand wondering if you have energy for that big project Shannon. But it's true, that pic of you is awesome!!

Yup! Just checked the moon schedule and I guess I should let it rest for a bit before putting it together but it was fun. Going to be one unlike any others I have ever done!!!

Oh it's true, silly exhaustion and migraine. These slippers are not long for this world Jamie, LOL. I love them too. I know, I keep checking to see if they sell the silver ones I used to love!

Shannon said...

Ohh, sounds like an exciting interview for the podcast Jamie! I can't wait to hear it :) I wonder what it's like being immersed in the Full Cold Moon, that sounds like some pretty powerful energy.

Artsy time for the win Suzie! Although not the migraine, that can bench it for sure. I'm glad you got time to work on your upcoming dreamboard and got to watching some Lifebook, yay!

I'm glad you guys like my pic :) I was so happy to have my pizza-box-pile-of-squares!