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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19, 2014


This time of year is so very busy for me and the studio - even more so now that I've decided to lead a planning day workshop in December. I've been getting up super early to give me some more time to get everything done. Seeing the beauty of the dawn and experiencing the quiet is a plus!


I went through my Value Village purchases and put together this little diagram with images of them. I also did this after the summer 50% off sale. I'm still sorting out why I do this, especially because it felt like too much work (that phrase always reminds me of when Mom would say "That sounds too much like work!"), but I still felt compelled to do it. I think it's actually a way of trying to figure out which clothes work for me as I can look back on it later, but then again I can figure that out by what goes in the laundry week after week because I choose to wore it. I know I like documenting stuff, so it could be that in a 'time-stamp' kind of way. There were other things I would probably rather do, but... I did this. I'm wrestling with something here and it's clear I haven't quiet figured that out. Anyway - one thing is that it's a way I can share what I bought! So there is that :)


Reg and I heard that there was going to be a "conversation with George Takei" at the theatre downtown so we got tickets and when we showed up we were upgraded to the sixth row!!! We felt like we had won the lottery. It was such an inspiring evening. So many people graciously went up to the mic and shared their appreciation for everything he has done on so many levels. It was an evening of education, story sharing, the civil rights movement and gratitude. Amazing.


Jamie Ridler Studios said...

Shannon, I absolutely love the page of your stuff! Wow, that blows me away. I can literally see the items that I know you bought. Wow, that will be an amazing time stamp. You could always put a little tick or star around each one when you wear it if you want it for tracking :)

And another wow! Suzie, that is amazing that you both got to go hear George Takei and omg, 6th row! I think that's another sign that your mojo has come alive! Yay!

Suzie Ridler said...

Jamie, it is unbelievable, all that you do!!! But being up early for the first light at this time of year is special, as will be your planning workshop.

I agree with Jamie, wow Shannon, that's amazing! As soon as I saw it, my heart starting racing. It reminds me of paper dolls but with so much design elements to it. I can see how this can be overwhelming though but sounds like it makes coming up with outfits easier. Just amazing Shannon, I LOVE it and can see why you are drawn to it.

My mojo has become alive, LOL, I like that! And it was a "cold" Vancouver night and I was completely comfortable outside, in fact, I liked it. Before we left I was all nervous, old fears and all.

To live in a place where I can just go and do the coolest stuff like seeing George is amazing.

Shannon said...

Whoa...I totally thought I had already commented on this. Sorry for missing it. Eep!

Thank you both for your kind words on the clothes page/time stamp/drawings. It really does give me a good sense of what I do end up actually wearing or what works for me. And I'm glad that it reads like the actual clothes! It's fun to pick out what feels like it represents each item.

I'm so impressed that you can get up and work that early, and getting to see a sky that beautiful sure makes it more magical. I think it's so awesome you are doing a planning day workshop, I think people will get so much from it.

omg Suzie! Sixth row to see George Takei! That is so exciting, am I'm so glad you got out and did it, and were upgraded! If that isn't a good sign, I don't know what is. He sounds like a fascinating man.