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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 26, 2014


It was great to actually get to celebrate with Dad on his actual birthday! We had a great time at the Mandarin, eating far too much and not quite staying out of discussions about politics, lol! A highlight was when our waitress asked if it was a special occasion and Dad ended up with us singing (loudly) and a candle in a cupcake. They also took a family photo which Dad got to take home in a magnet frame. What a treat!


It was such a treat to get to see Dad on his birthday! Celebrating at Mandarin was a lot of fun and getting to catch up as well. Woohoo!


One thing that is super awesome about editing the video is coming up with the graphic for stART and getting to see your expressions at my reveal which I don't always get to see and love how much you both were so excited by my doll's new outfit! You both totally rock. :)


Shannon said...

What a cute picture of Dad, Jamie! I'm so glad they pulled out the birthday goodness at Mandarin and we got to sing. I think all birthdays need singing! Hhehehehe.

Wow Suzie that pic is a zinger! One of the reason I love watching stART after we record is totally for getting to see it in new eyes. I totally didn't realize how much we geeked out at this moment, but it shows how awesome your doll is!

Suzie Ridler said...

Thank you both for sharing photos, they totally made my day. I really felt like I was there. Dad looks so happy and great! :) I'm so glad you got together and had fun.

It's true, new eyes Shannon, very accurate and I had no idea you two geeked like that too, it's awesome!